Bean Finneran, Karrie Hovey, Prajakti Jayavant, Jenna Kuiper, Annie O’Dorisio, Maria Porges
June 1 – August 16, 2014

Traywick Contemporary is pleased to announce Build, a group exhibition exploring the physicality of art-making practices. The artists in this exhibition build and assemble work in two and three-dimensions by folding, cutting, sewing, stacking, shaping, layering, staging, collaging, drawing, painting and other constructive acts. All the artists in the show are inspired by the elemental nature of materials and the processes that ultimately transform them.

Accumulations of a single elemental form—hand rolled curves of fired and painted clay—are a signature of Bean Finneran’s sculptural installations. The artist stacks and interweaves thousands of her colorful “curves” to create amorphous cones, rings and piles. Using no glue or adhesive, she carefully balances the individual parts in ways that defy gravity, as well as expectation.




Karrie Hovey’s materials are the byproducts of consumer culture that question our relationship with the environment. In her site specific installations, book pages are cut and folded into clusters of flowers and recycled plastics are reconfigured into clinging vines and climbing trees as the artist explores the effects of human intervention in nature.



Using a single sheet of paper for each piece, Prajakti Jayavant studies the interplay of sculpture, drawing and painting. The artist builds up the surface of the paper with a nuanced monochromatic palette in oil and acrylic, then physically manipulates the paper by bending, cutting, and folding into its final shape, which is ultimately a visual record of the artist’s actions in creating the work.



Jenna Kuiper’s photograms bring the intentions of drawing and collage to the photography darkroom. The artist composes still-life arrangements using paper cutouts that reference everyday objects—plants, sculptures, geometric forms, other ephemera—that are then subjected to multiple exposures. Combining precise timing, the artist’s intuition and the often-unpredictable effects of the darkroom, Kuiper’s photograms strike a delicate balance between the deliberate and the unknown.



Moving beyond the planar surface of her works on paper, Annie O’Dorisio constructs abstract forms with sculptural and architectural overtones. First outlining in pencil, the artist then creates areas of pattern with ink and sews into the paper with wool thread. As the artist punctures the paper and embeds the shapes into their ground, the work is transformed beyond the two dimensional surface of the page.



Maria Porges’ recent work explores the printed word as both sculptural source material and rich subject matter, with a nod to the shifting role that books now play in a digital world. The artist dismantles salvaged books, cutting them into unexpected shapes and painting them in saturated colors. The reconfigured book parts are outfitted with hardware and handles, becoming re-imagined tools, toys and weapons.

Karrie Hovey Mum I Tweet, 2014

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