Dharma Strasser MacColl: Interlace

January 13 – March 9, 2013

Traywick Contemporary is pleased to announce Interlace, an exhibition of recent works by Bay Area artist Dharma Strasser MacColl. This will be her second solo show with Traywick Contemporary.

In her work, Dharma Strasser MacColl explores the interplay of various elements: the sculptural and the two dimensional, negative and positive space, the constructed and the organic, and macro and micro perspectives. The artist thoughtfully combines materials, gathering and twisting forms together: strands are intertwined and draped from the edge of the paper, floral and abstract elements spin in to one another, rings and lines collect and dissipate. The incorporation of lace-like cutouts in the paper shows these relationships to be subtly tenuous. Strasser MacColl couples moments of quiet repose with those of concentrated intensity to create pieces that are at once dynamic and intimate.

With Interlace, the artist continues to develop a range of materials. Handmade paper is torn down and sewn together in blocks of subtly contrasting color values, laying an architectural framework for the floral and geometric shapes. Small porcelain and clay objects, hand formed by the artist, and soft felt forms are delicately layered among the thread and gouache surface marks. Panels of paper patterned with stitching, sewn starburst forms that appear as though drawn and intricate paper cutouts reward close looking.

Dharma Strasser MacColl received her MFA in 1997 from the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan. She has previously exhibited her work at Augen Gallery, Portland, OR; Walker Contemporary, Boston, MA; Marin Arts Council, Novato, CA; Nancy Margolis Gallery, New York; and Dorothy Weiss Gallery, San Francisco.

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Dharma Strasser MacColl: Interlace
Essay by Natasha Boas, Ph.D, a San Francisco-based independent contemporary-art curator and writer.
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Ombre Bloom II (detail), 2012
Porcelain, black clay, thread, glue, Lokta paper; 9″x9″
Photo credit: Johnna Arnold

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