Ken Fandell: More Oscillations Between Infinity and Proximity (girlfriends, sneakers, basketball, pizza, martinis, the sky, transcendance and my place in the cosmos)

September 6 – October 11, 2003

The work in More Oscillations Between Infinity and Proximity (girlfriends, sneakers, basketball, pizza, martinis, the sky, inspiring and my place in the cosmos) furthers Fandell’s scrutiny of daily life and it’s relationship to grander philosophical themes. With an equal measure of awe, skepticism and deadpan humor, Fandell uses subjects ranging from celestial phenomenon to bodily functions in seeking connections between our urgent daily needs and the distractions and questions brought about by beauty, spiritual transcendence and the sublime.

The Sky Above My Home (10/8/2002 – 6/14/2003), a large (5′ x 9′) manipulated photograph, is the focal point of the show. Created by methodically photographing the sky from the same point over a series of months, and then montaging the images into one seamless image, the piece combines an intellectualized and system-based process with a more intuitive and formal painterly approach.

Among other works included in the show are an ongoing series of snapshots (I Think Everything is Really Important) where Fandell’s fascination with the grand and the mundane becomes apparent in images taken from his day-to-day life; two new video pieces (This is Sort of Happening All the Time and No Idea) focusing on waste and discarded items that take on epic proportions; and a wall of photographs of flowers examining multiple psychological and emotional states through color and familiar forms (All of It/Everything).

This will be Ken Fandell’s first solo exhibition at Traywick Gallery. Other upcoming exhibitions of his work include venues such as Howard House, Seattle, WA; Indiana University’s SoFA Gallery, Bloomington, IN; and Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery in Chicago. He has exhibited in several Bay Area art spaces including Southern Exposure, New Langton Arts, Four Walls and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery; at the Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA; in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art, The Hyde Park Art Center, the Donald Young Gallery, and TBA Exhibition Space; and in New York at the Queens Museum, Bronwyn Keenan Gallery and Suite 106. His work is included in the permanent collections of the Brooklyn Museum of Art and the Museum of Modern Art. He currently lives in Chicago and works in a variety of places.

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