Ken Fandell: Video and Photographs

September 14 – October 19, 2002

As part of our ongoing series of exhibitions located in our backroom space, Traywick Gallery is pleased to announce a project featuring video and photographs by Ken Fandell. The exhibition opens September 14th, continues through October 19th, 2002 and will run concurrently with Charles LaBelle: Holiday. There will be a reception for the artists on Saturday, September 14th, from 5 to 7 pm.

Ken Fandell’s art lives in an indeterminate place, caught between thought and language, action and document; between the heroic and tragic, cool languor and frenetic nerdiness. In prior work plastic plants, sunsets, miniature model parts and plywood cutouts of transitional phrases (like “uh,” “um,” and “oh”) have served as Fandell’s props.

Fandell will show a video, entitled It’s Hard and I Could Use Some Help, which features edited footage of a pair of hands trying to assemble a series of incredibly small models of naked people. The unpainted white models are in poses reminiscent of classic sculpture (including David and the Thinker). The efforts of the unseen creator are imperfect, and the harder he or she tries, the bigger the mess of glue and discarded body parts gets. As the technical problems compound, issues about art production, art history, hobbies, high and low culture, perfection, failure, ambition, frustration and alienation get complicated and confused. Accompanying photographic piece titled, Two Little Models I Put Together In My Studio will also be shown.

Ken Fandell’s video, It’s Hard and I Could Use Some Help was recently shown in New York at the Queens Museum of Art and in Chicago at the Museum of Contemporary Art. There will be a solo exhibition of his work this month at Bodybuilder and Sportsman Gallery in Chicago, where Fandell also lives and works. He has exhibited in several Bay Area art spaces including Southern Exposure, New Langton Arts, Four Walls and the San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery; and in Chicago at Donald Young Gallery, TBA Exhibition Space, Randolph Street Gallery, and Ten In One, among others.

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