Helen Altman, Johnna Arnold, Dennis Begg, Ellen Carey, Ken Fandell, Kate Farrall, Charles LaBelle, and Amanda Marchand
September – December 2005

Traywick Contemporary is pleased to announce Photo-based, a group exhibition featuring work by eight artists: Helen Altman (Texas), Johnna Arnold (Bay Area), Dennis Begg (Bay Area), Ellen Carey (Connecticut), Ken Fandell (Chicago), Kate Farrall (Bay Area), Charles LaBelle (New York), and Amanda Marchand (New York), all of whom use photographic techniques or materials as an avenue of exploration. The exhibition will be available for viewing at our Berkeley space by appointment from September through December, 2005.

The eight artists included in Photo-based represent a range of differing practices that reflect the diversity of contemporary photographic approaches. All of the artists use unconventional methods: from physical manipulation of equipment and materials to the inclusion of digital images and reproductive techniques. While most avoid using a camera all together, some use it as a tool to create work with the non-objective esthetic of abstraction. Still others incorporate anonymous found photographs in combination with other materials and objects such as moving blankets and vintage journal pages. In all the work represented in the show, a physicality of the photographic process demystifies and questions the traditional notions of what defines a photograph.

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