Plus One

Rachel Davis + Blair Saxon-Hill Ken Fandell + Donald Morgan Samantha Fields + Thomas Müller David Fought + Brad Brown Benicia Gantner + Margaret Griffith Diana Guerrero-Maciá + Tim Doud Portia Hein + Aaron Morse Cynthia Ona Innis + Reed Danziger Amy Kaufman + Steuart Pittman Dharma Strasser MacColl + Hughen/Starkweather Amanda Marchand + Jeanne Quinn Nancy Mintz + Martin Puryear Stas Orlovski + Steve Roden
June 11 – August 20, 2016

Traywick Contemporary is pleased to announce Plus One, a special invitational group exhibition featuring 26 artists from across the country. Looking towards our 20th anniversary in 2017, we asked each of our artists—many of whom we have represented since the early days of the gallery—to invite another artist who has impacted, inspired, instigated or confounded their own practice. Plus One gives a rare behind-the-scenes view of artist communities by bringing to light the ongoing dialogues and exchanges that continually feed the creative process.

Within this group of artists, relationships range from colleagues to mentors to life-long friends. The various connections between artists ultimately guided the varying levels of collaboration from curating installations of their work, to developing new ideas and processes. For example, Cynthia Ona Innis and Reed Danziger have long admired each other’s work, and chose this show to collaborate for the first time with the specific goal of working outside their usual studio practices. The resulting photo-based series abstractly documents the physical time and space between their two studios in Berkeley. Brad Brown and David Fought first collaborated in 1993 and have maintained a creative connection ever since. For Plus One, Fought and Brown thoughtfully curated their work to create an installation that reflects their shared dedication to materials. Samantha Fields and Thomas Müller began discussing and exchanging ideas while in the MFA program at Cranbrook Academy of Art. Despite working in different disciplines, each artist identifies as a “rule breaker” and “excavator”—relentlessly pushing the boundaries of their respective mediums of clay and paint.

In addition to contributing work for the exhibition, each Traywick artist was asked to elaborate in writing about their relationship to their invited artist. Many of the statements emphasize the necessity for artists to find inspiration outside of their regular studio routines in order to generate new ideas and approaches. Plus One allows a glimpse behind the scenes to experience the art that visually and intellectually engages our artists, and ultimately, our program.

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