Some New Pictures

Johnna Arnold, Dennis Begg
October 18 – November 22, 2003

Traywick Gallery is pleased to present an exhibition featuring photo-based work by Bay Area artists Dennis Begg and Johnna Arnold. The exhibition opens October 18 and continues through November 22, 2003. There will be a reception for the artists on Saturday, October 18, 5 to 7 pm.

Dennis Begg’s enigmatic work explores memory — real, implied, fabricated and altered — as the building block of consciousness, learning and experience. He modifies found and discarded photographs and portraits by manipulating specific details and physical features. The images are then digitally reconstructed and combined with carefully chosen materials — often buried in found and obsolete objects, or obscured within pages of text from old letters and journals. Each of Begg’s sculptural compositions invites a re-telling of actual human experience by blurring the lines of recognition and memory as well as those of the past and the present.

Johnna Arnold also explores our relationship with reality as captured by the lens of a camera. The arresting and mesmerizing images are specific to the Bay Area freeway system, an unpredictable place in-between places. Colors, details and focal planes are presented as sequential moments in time within a vertical triptych format. The blurred images abstract many details and filter out the chaos of the actual place, and in doing so become a discourse not only on what we see, but the way we see it. Arnold’s work expands our sense of time and place through a manipulated vision of commonplace experiences.

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