Strange Worlds/Altered Realities

Linda Mieko Allen, Rachel Davis, Ken Fandell, Karrie Hovey, Stas Orlovski
April 22 – June 30, 2012

Traywick Contemporary is pleased to announce Strange Worlds/Altered Realities, an exhibition exploring the boundaries between the real and the imagined with artistic projects ranging from photography to painting to sculpture and installation. Strange Worlds/Altered Realities features the work of Linda Mieko Allen, Rachel Davis, Ken Fandell, Karrie Hovey and Stas Orlovski.

Linda Mieko Allen’s paintings examine states of transition and transformation. Juxtapositions of depth and surface, organic and geometric forms, and transparency and opacity activate the physicality of the two-dimensional works. Diaphanous formations morph and merge into one another, seemingly encased in the surface yet resisting materialization as a static reality.

In her newest body of abstract watercolors, Rachel Davis makes visible the hidden relationships between physical and conscious realities, biological and man-made worlds, known and unknown histories. Her work speaks eloquently about the underlying structure that unifies life.

Ken Fandell’s manipulated photographs reflect the artist’s interest in bridging the place between the proximate and the infinite. Often combining awe, skepticism and deadpan humor, Fandell’s work investigates the mundane to reveal the connections between daily life and larger transcendental phenomena.

Through sculpture and site-specific installations, Karrie Hovey questions how a manufactured space can alter customary expectations of and interactions with the environment. Focusing on the symbiotic relationship between the human world and the natural landscape, her work highlights the interrelatedness of cycles of organic renewal and wasteful consumption.

Stas Orlovski’s work is situated within the permeable boundary between reality and consciousness, drawing images to the surface as if recovering memories or waking from a dream. Sources as diverse as Russian folklore and Victorian botanical prints inspire the artist’s fantastical gatherings of natural and cultural remnants both real and imagined.

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