Summer 2002, Part One: New Painting and Sculpture

June 22 – July 20, 2002

Traywick Gallery is pleased to announce a group exhibition featuring four artists from Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area who work in painting and sculpture. The exhibition opens June 22 and continues through July 20, 2002. There will be a reception for the artists on Saturday, June 22, from 5 to 7 pm.

Collectively, the work included in the exhibition represents a wide array of interpretations, responses and interactions with abstraction. Each of the four artists has very distinct approaches to their use of materials – from oil on canvas to vinyl on acrylic panels. With an eye towards the cultural inspirations of both their material choices and the ideas behind the work, each artist shifts between provoking a visceral response and experimenting with technical aspects of their working processes.

Benicia Gantner contributes new work in which she layers colorful acrylic panels that she then subjects to various rounds of drilling, gouging and digging. Her work often includes symbols and icons taken from indecipherable, imaginary languages as well as from actual communication systems including binary code and Braille. Using mass-produced, easily accessible materials, Kelsey Nicholson’s work simulates the pleasures of nature while using a variety of man-made products. For this exhibition, two large panels lean against the gallery wall, shingled in paint chip samples that, when viewed at a distance, depict bucolic landscape vistas.

Jessica Snow draws inspiration for her abstract paintings and installations from maps and diagrams – subway maps, topographical maps, diagrams of circulatory systems – that reveal the inner workings of basic systems. The imagery in her paintings explores that place where the mechanical and the organic meet and depend on each other for survival. Victoria Wagner’s fascination with surface is matched only by her obsession with line. The organic shapes that are the focal point of her paintings are built up from carefully painted lines of different colors. In her work, the practice of building up material and image simultaneously reflects a kinetic approach to the painting process.

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