Wall Works 2

Mari Andrews, Diana Guerrero-Maciá, Susan Martin, David McDonald, Lisa Solomon, Tony Tredway
February – July 2006

Traywick Contemporary is pleased to announce Wall Works 2, a group exhibition featuring wall-based sculpture and installation by six artists: Mari Andrews (Emeryville), Diana Guerrero-Maciá (Chicago), Susan Martin (Oakland), David McDonald (Los Angeles), Lisa Solomon (Oakland) and Tony Tredway (San Francisco). The exhibition will be available for viewing by appointment at our Berkeley space.

Following the success of the first Wall Works show in 2005, Traywick Contemporary has brought together a new group of artists who work primarily in sculpture, installation and object-based practices. For Wall Works 2, each artist was asked to create new pieces or reconfigure existing site-specific installations for particular sites within Traywick Contemporary’s Berkeley space. The Wall Works 2 artists represent a range of differing practices and approaches to material – from precise formalism using traditional elements of sculpture including wood, metal and glass, to a minimal or conceptually-based approach using reclaimed materials, construction supplies and simulated objects.

In conceiving of and executing their work, each artist dealt with the constraints and possibilities of the architectural space and considered the customary ways the occupants move through and use the space. Utilizing the entryway, the stairwell and other unexpected spaces, the artists chose specific locations that related to their modes of working and that reflected their unique negotiations with the spatial characteristics they encountered.

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